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Math to fit your personal style
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Mathematical Reasoning

Understanding Geometry

Seventh to Ninth Grades / Grades 7 to 9

Understanding Geometry
Understanding Geometry

This book can be used as a textbook in Grades 7, 8, or 9 (usually over a two-year period). In many high schools this book can also be used as a one-year high school geometry course.

Topics Covered:

Although the geometric concepts of perimeter, area, and volume are taught piecemeal from elementary school through middle school, too many students enter high school without the skills and knowledge to succeed in high school geometry. Unfortunately, middle school students receive very little education on the properties of parallelograms and the tools needed to succeed at doing geometric proofs. The result is a high number of students who struggle with high school geometry and standardized testing. Geometry is a fundamental subject in high school standardized testing.

This book teaches students an understanding of the reasoning behind the properties taught in geometry–instead of merely asking them to memorize them. Students are also taught the basics of geometric proofs and coordinate geometry in a way middle school students can understand. A glossary of terms that every student must master is included.

• 272 pages
• Full colour
• Paperback
• Reproducible for home or single classroom use.
• Instructions and Answers are included in the book.
• Follows the National Math Standards in mathematics but goes further.